Presentation and handing of nebulizers Ulaizer

As part of The VI International Medical Forum «Innovations in Medicine – Health of the Nation», the representatives of the YURіA-PHARM pharmaceutical corporation made a present to the health care institutions.

Ulaizer™ for You: Cleaning the nebulizer after use

This video answers the following questions: Which parts are treated with the medicine, when using the Ulaizer™ nebulizer? How to save the medicine if it is expensive? How to clean the nebulizer?* * Read the details in the instruction attached to your Ulaizer™ nebulizer.

Inhalations with Lorde (video advertising, 2017)

Lorde is a solution for inhalation and intranasal application. It has cleansing and moisturizing properties. Facilitates breathing by thinning out the secretions of nasal mucosa, sinuses and bronchi via an osmotic effect, and promotes its excavation. Using before an aspirator facilitates the excavation of secretions in rhinitis in infants. More information about Lorde: SELF-MEDICATION […]