To preserve the integrity, protect and restore cells in respiratory diseases

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To preserve the integrity, protect and restore cells in respiratory diseases

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Every day, our mucosa comes into contact with viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust and chemical irritants. These are extreme conditions for our respiratory tract, as exposure to them can lead to the development of mucosal inflammation, disruption of cell integrity and function, resulting in their death in diseases such as colds, ARVIs, bronchitis and others

That is why, in order to preserve the integrity and restore functioning of respiratory tract cells, we should use a respiratory cytoprotector.

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What is Ectobreath®?

Ectoin® is a natural molecule that is a vital activity product of extremophiles. It is Ectoin®, like extremolyte, that helps these microorganisms survive in such extreme conditions as glaciers, volcanoes, and the Dead Sea.

How does Ectoin® work?

On the surface of the airway mucosae, ectoin forms a “shield” made of water molecules, which protects against cells exposure to viruses, bacteria and allergens, reduces the manifestations of inflammation and helps restore the airway mucosa.

Unprotected mucous membrane with chaotic water molecules on its surface
The mucous membrane protected thanks to the Ectoin Hydro Complex
Protects the cellular membrane of airway mucosa from the harmful effects of viruses and bacteria
Helps reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms in respiratory diseases: rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, COPD
Prevents the symptoms of allergic reactions of the respiratory system in allergic asthma caused, for example, by domestic dust or flower pollen
Promotes the recovery of the airway mucosa
You can buy Ectobreath both in pharmacies and online
No age restrictions, so it can be used even for babies.
Used by inhalation with an Ulaizer 1–2 containers 2 times a day
Recommended duration of use — 10 days
Requires no dilution
A leader of the Ukrainian market for the production of nebulizer therapy products. Ectobreath is an innovative expansion of the nebulizer portfolio of the corporation