AKK® nebulas

AKK® nebulas

AKK<sup>®</sup> nebulas - AKK EN 490x326A reliable barrier against colds and flu!

AKK® (aminocaproic acid) possesses the antiviral effect: it inhibits increased proteolysis and blocks penetration of influenza A and B viruses, parainfluenza virus and adenoviruses to cells. improves cellular and humoral indicators of specific and non-specific body’s protection in ARVI. It enhances the immune response in the setting of immunization with influenza vaccines.

Use in treatment and prevention of ARVIs.

Dosage form: 10 single-dose containers, 2 mL each.

Posology and method of administration: 1-2 nebulas 2-3 times a day 7-10 days; inhale through a nebulizer and/or instill into the nose.

Use in children:

  • aged below 12 years: dilute 2 mL in 2 mL of 0.9% sodium chloride solution, 2-3 times a day;
  • aged over 12 years: 2 mL 2-3 times a day.

The product may be used in patients of all ages.

AKK<sup>®</sup> nebulas - AKK 2

Thanks to its antiviral effects via blocking the penetration and reproduction of viruses in mucosal cells, AKK® forms a “barrier” that allows to resist penetration of influenza A and B viruses, as well as parainfluenza virus and adenoviruses into our body. The obvious advantage of the AKK® drug is that it can be used not only in adults but also in children from the first days of life, while many other anti-influenza drugs are contraindicated in this age group.

Prophylactic efficacy of the AKK® drug in sickly children was confirmed in the studies conducted in pre-school institutions. The first prophylactic course was conducted in September for 2 weeks: the children were instilled with 3-5 drops of AKK® in each nostril 2 times a day every day. The second course (similar to the first one) was administered to the children during the epidemic rise of influenza.

AKK<sup>®</sup> nebulas - AKK 1

The epidemiological analysis of the AKK® efficacy demonstrated that children treated with this drug were sick less often than those who did not get it. This trend was maintained in the next 4 months. As a result, the influenza and ARVI incidence in children has dropped by 60% (Lozitskiy V.P. et al., 2010).

Administration of AKK® is expedient during the flu epidemic for prophylactic purposes. The duration of treatment depends on the disease severity and should be determined individually by your physician. In addition, the physician may adjust the drug dosage and prescribe a repeated therapy course, if necessary.


  • has antiviral effects: it inhibits the penetration of influenza A, B viruses, parainfluenza virus and adenoviruses in cells and the reproduction thereof;
  • potentiates the effects of antiviral drugs that allows to reduce the pharmaceutical burden on the body, to lower the frequency of toxic effects with the use of oseltamivir and to decrease costs of treatment;
  • is effective in treating adults and children of all ages, is more effective in the early stages of disease and for prevention;
  • is a non-toxic drug, and can be used in children from the very first days of life, when other anti-influenza drugs can not be administered;
  • improves cellular and humoral indicators of specific and non-specific body’s protection in ARVI.

Over-the-counter drug.

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