Presentation and handing of nebulizers Ulaizer

02 May 2013

As part of The VI International Medical Forum «Innovations in Medicine – Health of the Nation», the representatives of the YURіA-PHARM pharmaceutical corporation made a present to the health care institutions.

Modern inhalers Ulaizer were presented to Ukrainian health care institutions, where paediatric patients with cystic fibrosis are treated.

This was not the first charity event, as in 2012 the YURіA-PHARM corporation presented 500 professional nebulizers Ulaizer Pro to specialized medical departments in Ukraine.

МThe International Medical Forum was held on April 16-19, 2013 at the KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center (2B Salyutnaya St., Kyiv). This was a major event for health care professionals of Ukraine.

Ulaizer is one of the best treatment options for respiratory diseases!
A nebulizer (sprayer) is a device that converts the drug solution in a cloud of mist (aerosol) made of fine particles ready-to-be-inhaled.
The aim of the nebulizer therapy is to deliver therapeutic doses of the desired drug into the respiratory tissues over a short period of time (5-10 min).

We are making nebulizer therapy available!

Self-treatment can be harmful to your health!