Workshop on using nebulizers Ulaizer

21 February 2021

The video shows an expert of the YURіA-PHARM corporation demonstrating how to properly use a Ulaizer.

Also, you can learn from the video about the range of compressor nebulizers Ulaizer, such as Ulaizer Home, Ulaizer First Aid, and Ulaizer Pro. The video briefly describes the advantages of Ulaizer inhalers and the fields of their use.

Ulaizer is one of the best treatment options for respiratory diseases!
A nebulizer (sprayer) is a device that converts the drug solution in a cloud of mist (aerosol) made of fine particles ready-to-be-inhaled.
The aim of the nebulizer therapy is to deliver therapeutic doses of the desired drug into the respiratory tissues over a short period of time (5-10 min).

We are making nebulizer therapy available!

Self-treatment can be harmful to your health!