How to cure a cold quickly?

27 October 2018

A cold always catches you by surprise. But, feeling unwell at an early stage, we often hope that things will come right. However, it is in the early days of treatment that can have the highest efficiency. And, if you can nip the disease in the bud, you can reduce the duration of treatment and avoid possible complications.

Prevention is better

A person who has never had a cold, is the one who knows better how to treat it. If you start preventive measures in a timely manner, you might avoid the disease in the autumn-winter period. You should start with vitamins and a balanced diet to strengthen the immune system and the whole body. In September, in preparation for the onset of the epidemic rise, it is optimal to undergo a course of antiviral drug АКК®: two-four intakes per day. Studies have shown that preventive use of АКК® reduces the likelihood of a viral cold by 60%, and in case of a disease its duration is reduced by an average of 3 days. The drug is suitable for children and adults.

Another, no less effective method of prevention, is moisturizing the mucous tunic of nose. This allows you to create a reliable barrier to prevent viruses entering the body. Solution of hyaluronic acid for inhalation and nasal instillation Nasisoft is suitable for the prevention of allergic rhinitis and viral infection in children and adults, women during pregnancy and lactation. It is recommended to use Nasisoft twice a day by inhalation or by nasal instillation, as well as before going to places of large crowds.

Actions at the first symptoms

A cold in most cases is caused by hypothermia. That is why, if there is no temperature, it is important first of all to warm up. The following things will help: warm clothes, foot bath, bath for the whole body, hot drinks (such as ginger tea). It is appropriate to enrich the body with vitamins: drinks with berries and citrus fruits, vitamin C intake, balanced diet. It is important to monitor the humidity in the room: use a humidifier, ventilate the room regularly. Drugs for basic therapy can be used as well:

  • АКК®: intranasally, up to 8 times a day. Apply from the first day of a cold to block the effects of the virus on the body, to enhance immune resistance.
  • Deсasan® nebulas for inhalation, twice a day. Actions: antiviral, antibacterial, desensitizing

And symptomatic:

  • Lorde®hyal with productive cough, 2 inhalations per day.
  • Antipyretic, vasoconstrictive and other means according to the symptoms and prescriptions of the doctor.

Cold medicine, meant to be taken through an inhaler, work more effectively than others. First, this method of administering the drug into the body gives the fastest effect and the least side effects. And secondly, it is suitable for children from an early age and adults, as well as for pregnant and lactating women (providing the correct selection of drugs in accordance with the doctor’s prescription).

Treating cough and residual effects

Is not always possible to cure a cold at home quite quickly. Often we neglect our health, continue to go to work instead of staying in bed. In such situation, recovery can take longer, and in some cases, you have to deal with complications. An obsessive dry cough, productive cough (bronchitis) and other unpleasant symptoms can become the signs of an undertreated illness. With dry cough, it will be the most effective to moisturize the mucosa, reduce inflammation and swelling, suppress the cough reflex. If a cough is wet, but moderately productive, you will need medication – mucolytics, which improve the excretion of sputum from the lower parts of the respiratory system.

Through Inhalation for cough of bacterial or viral-bacterial nature (usually this can be determined by a physician or a pharmacist, having the proper knowledge) you can use Deсasan® nebulas to eliminate the cause of cough. Lorde® hyal will help cope with cough – take it through inhalation 2 times a day. If the viral attack on the body by the results of the tests was joined by a bacterial one, the condition of the patient worsens, you should start taking antibiotics in the amount and form prescribed by the doctor. It is important: if you find a trace of blood or pus in the mucus, you should immediately consult a doctor.

On average, a common cold and a viral infection completely disappear within 7 days. If you choose and take the right medication for a cold, you can reduce this period to 3-4 days and avoid complications with weakened immunity. Conversely, if you ignore the first symptoms, you can aggravate the disease, with a threat of increased duration and the appearance of complications. The best way is to prepare for the cold season in advance, and prevent a disease using preventive measures.

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