The price for nebulizer Ulaizer First Aid is reduced – hurry to buy on the offer!

10 December 2016

Ulaizer First AidFirst Aid is used for the prevention and treatment of cold-related diseases, obstructive pulmonary disease at the home. Our inhalers are versatile and suitable for children and adults, they can be used both at home and during travel, business trips.

Ulaizer First Aid – an indispensable tool for those who need to nebulized therapy at home!

Ulaizer First Aid

The main advantages of the nebulizer:

  • The Ulaizer inhalers’ price is affordable for each family;
  • one of the most compact among the compressor nebulizers;
  • Ulaizer First Aid operates from a standard wall outlet;
  • It has a convenient carrying handle and accessories storage compartment;
  • inhalation provides minimal loss of the drug;
  • low noise level;
  • wide range of accessories;
  • complies with all the standards for inhalation therapy in Europe;
  • 2 years warranty is given to this nebulizer!

If you need a portable nebulizer against cough, buy Ulaizer First Aid – the best solution!

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