Best of the best: “Yuria-Pharm” has received a “Panacea-2017” statuette

21 February 2021

In the framework of concours for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry “Panacea-2017”, the best of the best representatives of pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine were honored. In the category “OTC drugs”, the domestic company “Yuria-Pharm” with its drug product DECASAN® was distinguished. The awarding ceremony of the XVIII “Panacea” concours was held on the eve of the main professional holiday – Pharmaceutists’s Day – on September 14 at Convention and Exhibition Center “Parkovy”.

Drug product DECASAN® – decamethoxin solution, which has antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal activity – deserves noticing among the winners.

Such properties of the drug product are especially important in the autumn period, when there are a lot of diseased people around us: in public transport, shops, educational institutions and at work. In such conditions, there emerges a risk of catching an acute respiratory disease, in other words – to catch cold.

Best of the best: “Yuria-Pharm”  has received a “Panacea-2017” statuette - 2017.09.22 Decasan panatseya 365x173So, one morning a person wakes up sick and faces the need to decide, how to remedy himself / herself and which products to use for the treatment. However, it is quite difficult to choose an effective, safe and rapid therapy. Many people do not realize that etiology of such diseases can have a combined nature, and treatment requires broad-spectrum drugs that provoke minimum side effects.

Targeted approach to treating colds, when the drug is delivered precisely to the affected area enabling thereby to avoid development of adverse systemic effects, is one of the most rational approaches.

DECASAN® is practically not absorbed by the mucous membranes, which ensures its local action. Moreover, decamethoxin in concentration used in drug product DECASAN® exerts no toxic effect and is indicated, in particular, for long-term use. Such aspects are very important when it comes to treating a child.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that DECASAN®, having antimicrobial activity, is not an antibiotic. This means that the risk of development of antibiotic resistance as a result of use of the drug product is virtually eliminated.

Inhalation use of DECASAN® with the help of a nebulizer (Ulaizer™) is a modern choice of targeted etiotropic therapy for respiratory tract infections, and, importantly, without the risk of developing systemic adverse reactions.

DECASAN® – for any type of cold!

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