How to cure a cough with ULAIZER?

23 October 2018

It is important to understand that a cough is a reflex response of the body, with the help of which the bronchi and trachea clear themselves in a natural way from sputum, irritating agents, foreign objects. Our actions in case of coughing, in most cases, are intended to help the body cope with this task, to facilitate the cleansing process. To do this, it is necessary to establish the cause of a cough, its type and characteristics, and only then choose the optimal treatment regimen.

Signs and causes of cough

When checking you, a doctor differentiates a cough by several signs: timbre (barking, hoarse, muffled, etc.), the frequency of aggravation (in the evening, morning, at night, cough in the spring and autumn). To choose the right treatment regimen, it is important to take into account the following important characteristics:

  • Presence of mucus. Cough can be dry (with very little or no mucus) or wet. In the latter case, you need to pay attention to the consistency of mucus: color, density, presence or absence of traces of blood and pus. If mucus has acquired a green or pink color, there is blood or pus – this is an occasion to immediately seek medical help, since such signs can signal the presence of serious diseases and complications.
  • Duration of cough.

It is possible to understand how to cure a cough only after establishing what has caused it. In children, cough often occurs as a consequence of viral diseases or as an allergic reaction of the body. Sometimes such a symptom can be triggered by stress and nervous overexcitation, but in this case, cough is not accompanied by nasal blockage, fever and other related symptoms. In some cases, this symptom may indicate congenital abnormalities of the respiratory system.

Cough in an adult can be provoked by various reasons: excessive pollution, smoking, heart or gastrointestinal diseases, hormonal imbalance, the presence of endoparasites, allergic reactions, respiratory diseases and, of course, viral or bacterial respiratory infections. Only a doctor can accurately determine the cause of a cough, especially if it has a prolonged or chronic character.

Treatment of cough with ULAIZER™: remedies, frequency of use, recommendations

Cough can be effectively treated at home. It is best to do this with a medication administration record from a doctor and having a home inhaler. Inhalation is a universal method of treatment that can be used for children and adults, the elderly, women during pregnancy and breast-feeding. This method of home therapy will be safe and effective with properly selected drugs. For ULAIZER™ home nebulizer you can use drugs in the form of nebulas: they contain ready-made solution for inhalation. For example, when coughing use Lorde ® hyal, in the dosage according to the instructions. The duration of treatment is on average from 4 days to 1 week, but the correct treatment of the disease can be prescribed only by a doctor. To affect the virus as the cause of cough, intranasal introduction of AKK drug is recommended: up to 8 times a day with the same duration of treatment.  The antimicrobial effect (if a patient has a viral-bacterial cause of cough, or bacterial) will be ensured by Dekasan® nebulas. It can be used for children from 12 years old and adults twice a day during 4-7 days.

If a cough is dry and not accompanied with mucus (as is the case in the initial stage of the disease), it is recommended to moisten the air in the room to the optimum idicators (60-70%) and drink plenty of fluids.

Rules for the use of ULAIZER™ home nebulizer for successful treatment

When you ask how to cure a cough with a nebulizer, it is important to adhere to the rules of a successful therapy. You should:

  • start an inhalation procedure not earlier than an hour and a half after eating.
  • exclude contraindications to inhalation (tendency to bleeding, purulent inflammation of the respiratory system, etc.).
  • choose the right drugs, taking into account the doctor’s instructions.
  • select the appropriate nozzle. For the treatment of cough a mouthpiece or a mask would be the best.
  • Take inhalations in a state of calm, without being distracted by outside actions.
  • After the procedure, rinse the mouth with boiled water. If you were taking inhalation through a mask – wash your face.
  • Refrain from eating for the first 15 minutes after the procedure.

ULAIZER™ nebulizer can be used not only for treatment, but also for prevention of diseases in the autumn-winter period.

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