How to use Ulaizer™

21 February 2021

Ulaizer is a nebulizer for children and adults, which is used for inhalations in accordance with the recommended dosage of the drug prescribed by a doctor.

Preparation for inhalation and inhalation using Ulaizer™

Before starting the procedure, one should open a nebulizer chamber of Ulaizer and fill it with the necessary amount of drug.
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The nebulizer chamber should be tightly closed, and a mask or a mouthpiece should be attached.
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The next step is to attach an air tube, one end of which should be connected to the nebulizer chamber and the other one — to the device itself.
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Thereafter one can start inhalation, the duration of which is 5-10 minutes (sometimes longer).

Rules for inhalation with Ulaizer™

It is recommended to keep the following rules for the proper inhalation:

  • Do not start inhalation for at least an hour after eating.
  • It is not recommended to eat 15 minutes after the procedure is over.
  • Do not be distracted by conversations and reading during inhalation.
  • Choose comfortable clothes that do not squeeze the neck and do not hinder breathing.
  • After the inhalation is over, it is necessary to rinse a mouth with warm, boiled water, if you vaporized a hormonal drug.

Recommendations for the use of Ulaizer™

Inhalations with Ulaizer are prescribed for children and adults with viral and bacterial infections of the respiratory organs. In case of ARVI/cold, inhalations with antiviral and antiseptic solutions are prescribed. ACA solutions, Decasan have antiseptic, antiviral action and stimulate the immune protection of the body. In case of dry cough, a medicinal inhalation with mucolytic drugs is recommended to improve sputum discharge and alleviate the status of a patient. It is allowed diluting the drugs with sterile sodium chloride solution in nebulae.

Drugs for nebulizer therapy using nebulizer Ulaizer™

The nebulizer Ulaizer™ Home is also effective in case of productive cough: the use of inhalation solutions promotes the thinning of sputum, facilitates its excretion from the bronchi. The following mucolytics are used for inhalation: Lorde, Lorde hyal, Soda-Bufer, Ambroxol hydrochloride, N-acetylcysteine. In case of cough with dyspnea, inhalations with bronchodilators are effective. If a corticosteroid effect is required, drugs with fluticasone are added to a nebulizer.

Service of Ulaizer™

A nebulizer Ulaizer™ should be kept in a clean and dry place. After each use, a nebulizer chamber should be rinsed under running water and thoroughly dried.
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It is recommended to assemble the device immediately before use. It is necessary to keep service recommendations which are described in the instruction in details.


Before start using a nebulizer for children and adults Ulaizer™, it is necessary to make sure that there are no contraindications. They include a tendency to external (nasal) and internal bleeding, various diseases of cardiovascular system, individual intolerance of the drug which is prescribed for inhalations.