Social project “Breath of life”

06 October 2015

Social project «Breath of life» was finalized on September 30, 2015. We have become closer to each family!!!

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Purpose of the project «Breath of life»:

To provide all patients in need with broncho-obstructive diseases with reliable means to manage an attack of bronchospasm.

The essence of the project:

Anyone who has a history of an attack of bronchial obstruction when visiting pulmonologist or allergist can fill in the questionnaire “Breath of life” and get a discount card for a certain pharmacies to buy Ulaizer Home with a discount of 80%, kit for individual inhalation “KIT Ulaizer” with a discount of 50% and a kit of drugs to relieve bronchospasm:

  • Nebutamol (salbutamol) 2 packages of 10 nebulas
  • Nebufluzon (fluticasone) 2 packages of 10 nebulas

The patient sends a completed questionnaire to the address specified in it, and after studying the personal data 4 discount cards with a 20% discount for the purchase of the Nebutamol and Nebuflyuzon will be sent on the sender’s address.


Rules for participation in the program «Breath of life»

The program “Breath of life” was created for the citizens of Ukraine who have financial difficulties. The program covers the whole territory of Ukraine and provides discounts on a number of drugs and medical equipment of YURiA-PHARM LLC, used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, provided that they are prescribed by a doctor.

Discount does not apply to products of other pharmaceutical companies, and applies only to products of YURiA-PHARM LLC.

YURiA-PHARM Corporation may change the conditions of participation in the program, the size of discounts, temporarily suspend or permanently terminate the Program, without notifying the participants.

When the representative of the corporation, authorized to be engaged in the program “Breath of life” gets properly executed application for participation in the Program, he/she will inform the participant of his/her inclusion in the program and the size of the discount, which will be effective on the Corporation’s product prescribed by doctor.

Program administrator has access to information on health products prescribed to the Program’s participants, as well as to the rest of the information that the participant provides in this application.

Personal data processed by the program administrator exclusively on the conditions specified in a written consent to the processing of personal data, and in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Written consent to the processing of data is provided by each applicant along with the application for participation in the Program.