What is the difference between inhaler and nebulizer?

21 February 2021

An inhaler is a device that converts liquid medication into an aerosol. This conversion is ensured in different ways, depending on the type of the device (steam, compressor or ultrasonic).

In its turn, a nebulizer for children and adults is a kind of inhaler that converts a liquid drug into a fine mist under the influence of ultrasound or compressed air pressure. Thus, a steam inhaler that converts liquids into stream under the influence of temperature cannot be called nebulizer. What is the difference between inhaler and nebulizer? - otlichiya ingalyatora i nebulayzera 1024x497 Home-use steam inhaler is used for the treatment with oily solutions, herbal decoctions. A nebulizer is used for inhalations with the drugs of the appropriate purpose. At the same time, a drug will be destroyed in a steam inhaler, and no desired effect will be achieved. It is much more beneficial to buy a nebulizer than a steam inhaler. Nebulizer for children and adults Ulaizer™ is used with the following drugs: Decasan, Lorde, Soda-Bufer, Ambroxol hydrochloride and others. Drugs for inhalations through a nebulizer are, as a rule, available in ampoules or nebulas. It is not recommended to use liquids that are not intended for single use (for example, Borjomi). This is due to a high risk of infection of the contents of the vial/bottle (the body is already infected, and there is no need to add one more infection through an unsterile solution).