There is no vapour supply from the nebulizer. What may be the reason?

21 February 2021

If vapour is not produced, it is necessary to do the following operations:

  1. Check chamber integrity and presence of coloured “element” inside the chamber, please refer to a video at
  2. If nothing was changed, it is necessary to check an air tube connecting the chamber and the apparatus. To do so, please disconnect the tube and check air coming out of it, and possible obstacles.
  3. If you use your nebulizer chamber for a long time, please replace it with a new one. This can help restore aerosol supply, and increase aerosol production. Since the chamber is made of wearable material, it should be replaced regularly.
  4. If the problem cannot be detected, the apparatus itself may be broken. In this case, please contact a company representative in your town for consultation.