Which medicines do you recommend with the Ulaizer™ in event of allergic cough and allergic rhinitis?

21 February 2021

In such cases you should use, in the first instance, special prescription and over-the-counter medicines selected by your doctor. You may use the following OTC medicines for symptomatic treatment:

  • To manage cough: 1 nebula Lorde® Hyal twice daily
  • To treat oedema and nasal congestion: 1 nebula Lorde® Hyal twice daily as nasal drops or inhalation through a nasal cannula
  • To sanitize nasal cavity: Nasisoft (isotonic saline with hyaluronic acid) as nasal drops or inhalation.

We recommend doing inhalations with a mask to cover nasopharyngeal cavity, oropharyngeal cavity and lungs.