How to use Ulaizer™

Preparation for inhalation and inhalation using Ulaizer™ Ulaizer is a nebulizer for children and adults, which is used for inhalations in accordance with the recommended dosage of the drug prescribed by a doctor. Preparation for inhalation and inhalation using Ulaizer™ Before starting the procedure, one should open a nebulizer chamber of Ulaizer and fill it […]

What is the difference between inhaler and nebulizer?

An inhaler is a device that converts liquid medication into an aerosol. This conversion is ensured in different ways, depending on the type of the device (steam, compressor or ultrasonic). In its turn, a nebulizer for children and adults is a kind of inhaler that converts a liquid drug into a fine mist under the […]

ингаляции с небулайзером у детей

Inhalations with nebulizer

Nebulized therapy is a modern effective method of treatment for respiratory diseases. By turning a pharmaceutical substance into a kind of fog, a nebulizer ensures delivery of the drug product to the focus of disease and enhances its effectiveness. Possibility to adjust the particles size makes it possible to utilize another advantage of a nebulizer […]

Lung obstruction in children: Treatment with inhalers and nebulizers

Lung obstruction is a condition of the body in which a sufficient amount of oxygen does not reach the child’s airways. This can be caused by entering of a foreign body, accumulation of secretion (mucus), purulent crust, covering the lumen of the bronchi, oedema of the bronchi, appearance of scars on the bronchial walls, polyps, […]

Ulaizer First Aid

The price for nebulizer Ulaizer First Aid is reduced – hurry to buy on the offer!

First Aid is used for the prevention and treatment of cold-related diseases, obstructive pulmonary disease at the home. Our inhalers are versatile and suitable for children and adults, they can be used both at home and during travel, business trips. Ulaizer First Aid – an indispensable tool for those who need to nebulized therapy at home! […]

Educational campaign from the brand “Ulaizer”

On the 1st of June within the framework of Children’s Day YURiA-PHARM and the brand “Ulaizer” held a general education campaign: “Ulaizer will protect your children from respiratory diseases”.